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As music driven people, we are passionate about doing our part in providing high-quality information on guitar and bass brands, prices and tips that will help Musicians and aspiring musicians to determine what product or gear to spend their resources on, as beginners or advanced level players, and also help them.

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Our experienced in-house team of professional musicians and artists are always happy to attend to your various musical needs and queries. from bass&guitar lessons, gear recommendations, music business coaching, Artist Management, song writing and so on.

Bass Guitar Category

Bass guitars are the base of a song, and the lowest frequency stringed instrument. You will find information on Electric, Double, and Acoustic basses, plus all Accessories and More.

Electric Guitar Category

Electric guitars are a stringed, fretted musical instruments that typically add colour, feel, and keeps rhythm in a song. You will discover useful information on Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Accessories and More.

Accessories & Others

There are a lot of modern Music Accessories and new innovations in the bass and guitar world today, and we will bring you up-to-date Information’s from Straps, Strings, Amps, Speakers, Pedals, Cases and Much More

More on Our Services, Get in on Our Free Music Tools.

We do have some good Music tools that will help you achieve success faster and be very productive at your profession as a guitarist or bass player. Tools like, Tuner, virtual guitar, metronome, Chord charts, mp3 converter and others.